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Every church is made up of people for various walks of life, and every good church does its part to care for the flock. As a church family we do our best to clothe, shelter, and grow together, but it is impossible for individuals to keep track of who is sick or who has missed church services. This is where the Flock Care Ministry comes in with very specialized teams to trained to fulfill various duties to care for the flock.

The Flock Care Ministry is a great asset to our Pastor, keeping him informed of the condition of church family members. Without Flock Care Ministry people could easily fall through the cracks and feel abandon by their church. The Flock Care Ministry is the welcoming hand to new comers to the church. The Door Keepers team and the Greeters team are the First people guests come in contact with when entering the church. The Friendship team is actively seeking out new comers to help them in any way needed and provide information about the church.

The Flock Care Ministry is also active outside the church, reaching out in convalescent home ministry and prison ministry. A group from the Flock Care team will regularly visit a convalescent home in Gratiot County and minister to the residents there with praise and worship, Biblical encouragements, the gospel and prayer.