Next Steps

Step One: The Front Door

The first step to walk on the path of discipleship is a simple one. We want you to make it to our front door. The front door of Resurrection Life Church has a couple different meanings that we should go over.

When you make it to the front door it very well could be our actual front door, we would love to see you person to person any Sunday morning for our 10 am church services. You will be met with smiles and joy.

You actually are doing Step One right now! Connecting with us online is an excellent first step and it gets you through our digital front door. This takes the shape of getting to know us through our website, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, or through the RezLife Podcast.

Long step short, so to speak, is that we want you to find us and connect with us. Find out what we are all about, and prepare yourself for God to show up big in your life. The steps christians take may sometimes be quite difficult, BUT GOD is always there with you through the trials and hard days, we just need to keep moving and take the next step!

Step Two: An Incredible Church Service

The next step is on us. We pray we can prepare a setting for us to be sensitive to the works of Holy Spirit, and have a Spirit led time in the presence of the Lord. Complete with contemporary Worship from a talented Worship team, an on fire Prayer Team to stand with you in prayer, and a powerful, uncompromised, Word from our Lead Pastor Rick Lopez.

We always strive for excellence in all we do, church service included. We pray we never imped on the work of Holy Spirit and we never desire to be overly ritualistic. We pray our services leave you blessed and wanting to worship with us again next week!

Step Three: Newcomer Fellowship

After An Incredible Church Service we encourage you to join us in some fellowship. We have a special "Prayer Room" set up for you to meet with our Pastors, and other leaders in our church.

Also, feel free to meet up with other followers that attend Rezlife. All of our family here are kind and want to get to know you and your family. Complementary coffee is available from our Cafe Team to perk you up for some lovely socializing.

Step Four: Life Groups

Life Groups are at the heart of Resurrection Life Church. We believe it is fundamental to "Living The Life You Were Born To Live". Having a close knit community of fellow believers is, not only encouraging, but also essential to your growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Make sure to read up on Life Groups over on our Ministries page. You can learn all about Life Groups and even sign up for a Life Group if registration is currently going on!

Learn About Life Groups

Step Five: Salvation

Everlasting life, that is our next step. You might be confused that this isn't the final step, but our own salvation is not the end goal. Salvation is the start of a new life, a fresh beginning, free of your past sins and letdowns.

Jesus bore all of the weight and pressure of our sins. He came to Earth with the purpose of setting us free! All we need to do is accept Him as our Lord and Savior, and invite Him into our hearts.

Step Six: Baptism

Baptism actually comes in two steps, Water Baptism and Baptism In The Holy Spirit.

Water Baptism is a physical declaration of putting "The Old You, The Dead Person" down for good. Jesus Himself chose to be water baptized. He wanted to show us that symbolically washing away your old way of living and your old sins and failures should be celebrated.

Baptism In The Holy Spirit follows. This is another step toward right standing with God. We are walking vessels for Holy Spirit. All of the miracles of today happen through Holy Spirit and making your body, your temple, a habitable place for Holy Spirit. This crucial next step is accomplished through prayer.

Step Seven: Believers School Of Excellence

Believers School Of Excellence (BSE) is a series of incremental classes taught here at Resurrection Life Church. As each class increases so will you increase in spiritual knowledge and in your relationship with The Lord!

Learn More About BSE

Step Eight: Ministry Of Helps

The Ministry Of Helps is the church body working for the betterment of The Church. The Church needs a dedicated team of volunteers to maintain church operation. With a wide assortment of ministry areas to serve, there truly is a place for everyone to work and build The Kingdom, together.

Step Nine: Disciples Making Disciples

The final step in discipleship is going out and spreading the Word to everyone you can. Our God is a good God and everyone should know about the Father's love. The best thing you can do for loved ones and strangers alike is get them started on their own journey.

Inviting them to church is always a great first step. Seeing how getting them through "The Front Door" is our first step, help them take that first step too. So, go out and spread the Gospel, show the world that Jesus still lives and He wants a relationship with each and every one of us!