Graphic for The Gift Goes On. The background is floral with a pink ribbon to the right.

The Gift Goes On Building Project

The Gift Goes On! It’s about being able to love on others and share the amazing gift of Jesus with them, making it possible for them to pass it on to others.

The $932,000 gift from our Benefactor allows us to use our ministry resources authentically and wholeheartedly in our communities to reach those who so desperately need to unwrap a gift of hope, love and grace. And now through us, the gift goes on!

Because of he nefactor we are able to pay the loan back as the people of Resurrection Life Church give. The alternative, a bank loan, that would have crippled the whole ministry!

Example 1: A 10 year loan from the bank of $932,000.00 at 5% would have required a payment of $10,000.00 per month. In addition, we would have paid the bank more than $250,000.00 in interest

Example 2: A 30 year bank loan of $932,000.00 at 5% would cost us $5,000.00 per month and $869,000.00 in total interest! This example would have cost us a total of $1,800,100.00!

In addition, The Benefactor is not able to invest or earn interest for as long as it takes us to repay him.

Now that the Phase Five pledges have come in, we will refocus our efforts through The Gift Goes On program to repay The Benefactor.

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